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Gregor Jasch WIX

Your WIX coach: Perfect websites & professional SEO

As a *****WIX Legend Partner, we offer you exclusive support in building and optimizing your WIX website. Our daily bread is the development of perfect websites with the intuitive WIX modular system and the new 100% responsive WIX Studio editor. As your personal WIX coach, we are ready to help you with all your content and technical questions.

Professional WIX websites and SEO marketing with Gregor Jasch

Gregor Jasch, an expert in WIX websites and SEO marketing, ensures that your website not only looks good, but also ranks at the top of the search engines. Through targeted knowledge transfer and professional advice, we transform your online presence into a magnet for success:


  • Expertise as a WIX Legend Partner: Benefit from our specialized know-how and experience.

  • Individual support: As your WIX coach, we focus on your specific needs and goals.

  • Focus on SEO and marketing: Increase your visibility and attract the right visitors.

  • Sustainable knowledge transfer: We equip you with the knowledge you need for continued success.

Ready to take your online presence to the next level?


Contact us today and start your journey to online success with a professional partner by your side.

Overview WIX Website Services

Production of 100% responsive websites for highest demands in terms of design, animation & performance

NEW: WIX Studio Editor


Complete development of online stores with advanced store functions, optimization or booking system

WIX Online Shops (E-Commerce)


(Re-)design of websites with the WIX construction kit, website migration as well as instructions for optimization

Development of classic websites


Methodical preliminary work, strategy, planning, positioning, development of brand, story, design as well as film and video

Conception & Planning


SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Optimization of websites to improve the ranking in Google.

WIX SEO & online marketing


Online help for all technical and content-related questions, where you can't get any further on your own

WIX online coaching


How do I find out who my target audience is?

Start by analyzing your current customer base and use social media to develop a deep understanding of your target audience's needs and preferences.

Why is the positioning of my website so important?

Clear positioning ensures that your website appeals to exactly the people you want to reach and sets you apart from the competition. Gregor shows you how to develop a unique positioning.

How can I make my website stand out from the competition?

Identify what makes your offerings special and communicate this uniqueness clearly on your website. Gregor Jasch advises you on developing a strong unique selling point (USP).

What role does branding play in positioning?

Strong branding plays a crucial role in ensuring that your website is remembered.


Gregor supports you in building a consistent brand identity using the Creative Effectiveness method.

Can I adjust my audience over time?

Yes, and it is important to remain flexible.


Gregor Jasch teaches you how to collect feedback and adapt your strategy accordingly.