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The path to success

The road to success in the online world does not start with a good website, but with strategic preparation and planning. First of all, it is necessary to know exactly WHAT you want to communicate before you start with the HOW, the execution.




The seven WIX project phases provide a good overview of the topics we will address in each phase.

WIX.Coach for people, ideas & companies on the business road to the online world

Gregor Jasch and his team produce highly creative and effective WIX websites for consultants, the self-employed, entrepreneurs and public figures who are becoming brands and seeking new ways to succeed.

As a personal success coach as well as a creative consultant in all questions of positioning we support you as well as in the development and staging of brand & story and in film & video production.

Gregor Jasch

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How do I find out who my target audience is?

Start by analyzing your current customer base and use social media to develop a deep understanding of your target audience's needs and preferences.

Why is the positioning of my website so important?

Clear positioning ensures that your website appeals to exactly the people you want to reach and sets you apart from the competition. Gregor shows you how to develop a unique positioning.

How can I make my website stand out from the competition?

Identify what makes your offerings special and communicate this uniqueness clearly on your website. Gregor Jasch advises you on developing a strong unique selling point (USP).

What role does branding play in positioning?

Strong branding plays a crucial role in ensuring that your website is remembered.


Gregor supports you in building a consistent brand identity using the Creative Effectiveness method.

Can I adjust my audience over time?

Yes, and it is important to remain flexible.


Gregor Jasch teaches you how to collect feedback and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Offers for personal and small business

We develop a plan and accompany you so that your business idea becomes successful.

Success coaching & strategy


We develop you into a brand and create the necessary content foundation for your online business.

Brand, Story & Personal branding


Tell your story on YouTube in an interview and expand your online reach.

YouTube interview clips


As a WIX.Coach, we create all the necessary technical requirements for your successful online business.

WIX websites & online marketing


Offers for

B2B companies

Using the proven Creative Effectiveness method, we get all stakeholders on board and develop the strategy.

B2B development creative strategy


Together we develop the alignment of the brand and values as well as the foundation for storytelling.

B2B Brand & positioning


We accelerate B2B order clarification with internationally award-winning corporate films.

B2B storytelling image films


With the new editor WIX-Studio we develop 100% responsive company websites as well as the required SEO.

WIX corporate websites


Our services

Personal & Small Business

B2B Companies & Hidden Champions

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